Guest post round-up

Well, Hope and Red is out in the world now! Here’s a round-up of guest posts I did on various blogs:

This is one of the reasons why I don’t have a true blog of my own. Because I’d have nothing to write when these came around.

HOPE AND RED Gets Starred Review from Publishers Weekly!

Here’s what they say:

YA author Skovron builds on his strengths in his first book for adults, diving deep into the lives of two, gruesomely orphaned children in an Earthsea-like island realm. The land is ruled by a degenerate imperium whose amoral face is the biomancers—part scientist and part sorcerer—who operate with utter impunity for ends of their own. Bleak Hope is the sole survivor of a village destroyed by a biomancer. She’s raised by the leader of a sect of warrior monks who give her all the skills she will need to wreak vengeance. Red, son of a chemical-addicted artist and a prostitute, hitches his star to Sadie the Goat, who mentors him into becoming the greatest thief in the stews of New Laven. When the adolescents emerge from their apprenticeships, they launch their adult voyages. Skovron’s eye for characterization and situations is exceptional, raising this from a fun ninja and pirate mash-up to a compelling coming-of-age yarn that genuinely merits a multivolume treatment.

I’m not sure I need to add anything to that 🙂

Hope and Red on the B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

Hope and Red made the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of June 2016 on the Barnes and Noble SF&F Blog. Here’s what it says:

Skovron’s first foray into adult fiction is an unexpected ride into a richly-imagined fictional world. On an island realm ruled by amoral and self-interested Biomancers—men and women skilled in a powerful combination of magic and science—two children from vastly different backgrounds come of age. Bleak Hope survives the destruction of her village by a biomancer and is trained by a group of warrior priests for revenge. Red is the son of drug addicts and prostitutes, trained to be the greatest thief the world has ever known. That their fates are intertwined is a given, but Skovron’s briskly-paced story doesn’t skimp on the world-building—and thank goodness, because it’s quite a world.

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Hope and Red will be out NEXT MONTH! Weee!

HOPE & RED makes its first list!

From a Barnes & Noble post titled “2016 Books SF/F Editors Want You to Read”

Hope and Red is hands down one of the most exciting fantasy debuts I have read in years. Author Jon Skovron takes the usual fantasy tropes and makes them feel new and wonderfully fresh again. Reading Hope & Red for the first time reminded me of when I first fell in love with authors like Brent Weeks, Brandon Sanderson and Scott Lynch. The main characters – Hope and Red – are a trained warrior and a thief, who will do anything it takes to survive the corrupt underworld they were born into, even taking a risk and working together. You’re going to love spending time with them in this world, and when you’re done, you’ll be dying for the second book, Bane and Shadow. —Devi Pillai, Editor

Interview on the Orbit Books blog

Here is the more well-behaved part of my interview with Orbit, which talks a little bit about HOPE & RED, my childhood sailing experiences, and the difference between writing YA and a “grown-up” book.

Meet Jon Skovron, the author of HOPE & RED

There is a less well-behaved segment of the interview, which my editor promises she will use in some other way. Blackmail? Public shaming? Who can say! My editor at Orbit is capable of just about anything!