Authors Against Animal Abuse

YA author Christine Johnson is running a series of auctions on eBay to raise money for the Humane Society. Among the many incredible, signed books, including some by bestselling authors like Cassandra Claire, Carrie Ryan, Beth Revis, and Lauren Oliver, you will find my own humble donations to the cause, a signed HB of both Struts & Frets and Misfit bundled with Julie Kagawa’s excellent Iron Fey trilogy.

But wait! There’s more! Carrie Ryan and Diana Peterfreund will both match the aggregate of the high bids with up to $1,000 each, to be donated to their own local animal shelters AND Christine will be donating volunteer hours at her local Humane Society – 4 hours for every $100 raised by the auctions, up to $1,000.So if you like book and animals, or know someone who does that you haven’t gotten a present for yet this holiday season, click the link above and check out the full details!

Columbus Book and Music Twitter Giveaway

It is sad but true that when someone asks me where I’m from, most of the time I can’t just say “Columbus”. People don’t know where that is. So I have to add “Ohio.” Every. Single. Time.

If I were to say “Atlanta” or “Buffalo” or even “Cleveland”, I wouldn’t need to clarify by telling you what state it’s in. You’d probably just know. But people outside Ohio rarely know Columbus. I think it has something to do with the fact that we don’t have a major league baseball, professional football, or basketball team. We just don’t have the national name recognition.

But we don’t need sports. Because we have ART, people! We have great music like indie rock band Times New Viking. And we have great writers like…me! (and James Thurbur, of course)


So I’m running an I <3 Columbus giveaway to make people aware of this great, under-appreciated city! Two lucky people will be randomly selected from the entries to get:

  • A signed copy of Struts & Frets in its awesome new paperback cover glory.
  • A CD of Dancer Equired, the new album from Times New Viking. Here’s the video for one of the singles, No Room To Live. If you like stripped down, lo-fi indie rock, it really doesn’t get better than this. Also, band member Adam Elliott told me he liked Struts & Frets so that makes me like them even more 🙂

And if enough people enter, I’ll giveaway more stuff. Don’t worry. I’ll think of something cool.

Open to international entries.

How to enter

Post something about Columbus on Twitter. “I love Columbus” or “AW YEAH COLUMBUS” or “Columbus ROCKS!” or whatever works for you. Hell, you could even say “Columbus SUX!” or “Death to Columbus!” if you want. I don’t care. This is about name recognition. Just make sure you include the word “Columbus” and mention me @jonnyskov so I know you did it, and also @timesnewviking because if they get enough random Columbus love, it’ll totally freak them out.

Contest ends Friday at Midnight, EST! So do it now!

L.K. Madigan Book Giveaway

I’ve always felt like Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan was like a brother book to Struts & Frets. They’re both YA novels that came out the same year, both contemporary, edgy, realistic stories with male protagonists. In fact, on library recommendation lists, we were often put together when answering the question: “Hey, anyone know any good boy books?” She and I are also part of the same writer’s group, the Debs, and we had a chance to meet face-to-face last summer at ALA in DC and we had a blast.Last week, she posted an incredibly brave announcement on her blog about her current battle with pancreatic cancer. It has left those of us who know and love her in awe at her bravery, her eloquence. Our writer group sent cards, notes, and small presents, as is our wont in times of both tragedy and triumph. But we want to do more.If you’ve not read Flash Burnout or her new book The Mermaid’s Mirror, well, you’ve got some reading to do, and I envy you the first time experience. But nearly as exciting, our writer group wants to help get those books in your hands. So we’re holding an L.K. Madigan Book giveaway!Check out Cindy Pon’s post on our group blog about how to enter.