Struts & Frets coverStruts & Frets

Abrams Amulet, 2009

“Struts & Frets will feel instantly authentic to anyone who’s ever felt the pride and shame of being an outsider” — Cory Doctorow, bestselling author of LITTLE BROTHER

Misfit CoverMisfit

Abrams Amulet, 2011

“A diabolically delightful paranormal about a teen girl discovering her inner strength and power — and her potential for darkness.” — Holly Black, author of bestselling Modern Tales of Faerie series and Curse Workers series

Man Made Boy coverMan Made Boy

Viking Penguin Random House, 2013

“This book has heart, brains, and everything else a book (or a monster or a reader) needs. Love monsters? If you do, Jon Skovron’s Man Made Boy is for you. If you don’t, why not?” — Kelly Link, award-winning author of Magic for Beginners and Pretty Monsters

This Broken Wondrous World coverThis Broken Wondrous World

Publication date: August 4th, 2015

Viking Penguin Random House