There so many things that, if we did them for just ten minutes a day, our lives would be greatly improved. Exercise, read, meditate, journal, catch up with an old friend. Even if you stacked them all up end to end, that’s still less than an hour a day. I know this.

So the question is, why don’t I do it? Oh sure, sometimes I do. Inconsistently. When the thought strikes me and I have a spare moment and I’m not feeling especially lethargic. But not with any real consistency. Not in a way that would actually amount to the cumulative effect desired.

I have many excuses. Some quite valid. Single parent with two full time jobs is at the top of the list, always handy to pull out as needed. But what if I decided that wasn’t good enough? What if I decided to reach past all those available excuses? Not to be hard on myself, to lash myself into a workaholic frenzy. But simply because I chose to go further.

What if, daily, I made that choice?

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  1. You make some valid points. We all tend to make excuses for why we don’t eat right, don’t exercise, don’t meditate and why we never catch up with friends. If we were to just take one or two hours out of the day to do these things then our lives would be much calmer and we might be healthier people. Just some are too lazy and some work to much. So we really don’t have all that time. Just it’s a nice thought.

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