Booklist review of GRIM

Catching up on reviews for the Grim anthology…

Check it:

“Johnson’s anthology of retold fairy tales, most based on Grimm, should be wildly popular as the 17 authors include such well-known names as Ellen Hopkins, Julie Kagawa, Amanda Hocking, and Malinda Lo.”

FYI, Malinda, according to Booklist you are famous. That’s official.

“Many authors bring the tone and focus back to the original Grimm tales, and graphic gore abounds.”

Yay gore!

And hmm, wait, what’s this???

“Jon Skovron’s “Raven Princess” has delightful contemporary touches, such as a same-sex giant couple rearing an infant, and a Shrek-like ending.”

Delightful, people. It’s delightful. And has gay giants.

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