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I blush…

Misfit isn’t a stand out because it simply inverts a familiar formula. It’s a stand out because it explores Big Ideas about religion and belief, good and evil, science and magic, family and friendship, trust and sacrifice. Those ideas are explored in depth, but without ever making the book more about the ideas than the characters, getting didactic, or slowing the action, pacing or plot.”

And this…

“Rather than reminding me of any of the paranormals I’ve read over the last few years—and there have been many—I was reminded of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, in terms of depth, scope and epic vision. If, you know, American Gods starred a teenaged girl.”

I’m totally okay with that comparison.

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  1. The book was amazing, I got into trouble for reading it late into the night (I finished it though HA)! No pressure or anything but I think a sequel or 2 would be great. Loved the book can't wait for more.

  2. Thanks! Glad you all enjoyed it! I'm working on a different project right now that I hope to announce soon. But I would love to write more Misfit books at some point in the future…

  3. Hi Jon, Firstly,thank you for Misfits. I enjoyed reading every page. Now here is the thing, You cannot leave me hanging! I see 3 more books in the works! (no pressure) As much as I awaits any new projects, Misfits needs to be extended. Thank You

    1. I'm working on a new series right now that I will hopefully be able to announce soon. There's nothing currently planned for _Misfit_ sequels, but who knows…

  4. I love that Jael is ethinic that rarely happens in fantasies book. It's refreshing for like me someone who is also ethnic 🙂

  5. There must be at leeeeeeast 3 more books!! One for south, one for east and one for west!!! And maybe an aftermath =p (could be included with the last book) i missed plenty train stops because i couldnt put this book diwn or id be too absorbed in the book to notice anything around me. I hope the next project after Man Made Boy? 😀

  6. I loved misfit hoping for a number 2 but I love it the mosted bc Jael is mixed with to totally diferent races and has to learn how to balance the two she realtes to me bc I'm black and white and I'm not jus black and I'm not just white I'm both and 16 but I love the book and hopeing for a #2 to see what else is in store for Jael!!!

  7. Okay so I just finished the book I must say I am impressed. I expected it to be another teen drama, but it's so much more than that. It's a very touchy subject to write about… I know I've tried but I must say you succeeded. I'd love to read a sequel but before I think I'll also read your other books haha

  8. I think Misfit was a really good book, one of the best I've read and that there HAS to be a sequel or I don't think I could read another book, ever! I loved how you put the story of Samson from the bible in your book 😀 I loved Misfit and I think you should, no, you HAVE TO write a sepuel ^_^

  9. And if u could don't break jael and rob up it would kill me to not have them together I would cry so hard and trust me I cried over a lot of books hunger games (all of them) twilight to do you want to be resonsable for my sadness thank you

  10. I loved misfit I have read the book multiple times and am truly looking forward to reading what Jael will have to face next and how she deals with the other grand dukes of hell

  11. I know you're probably in the midst of writing other stories as you have said in various interviews. I just picked Misfit up a few days ago, and just couldnt possibly tear myself away from it. This book was exceptionally good, and one I would love to hear more of. You have left us hanging here, with the other three Grand Dukes of Hell. You must get on with writing another one! I cannot wait. Misfit has been classified as one of my all time favorite books, and that's beeting some classics(: On a different note, I would be thrilled to hear on a sequel to this wondeful book.

  12. It was hilarious when I read Britt say "Hookay", cause that's how I say okay. I showed it to my friends and they couldn't believe it. I'm the only one we know of that says it like that. I'm not done reading it yet… but

  13. This is one of the best and most enticing books that i've read in awhile, and I read a lot of books. You must come out with another!

  14. I tried writing a sequel like I said I would months ago but I just don't know what should happen. I need help with this fan fiction book.

    1. Well if I were to help, it wouldn't be fan fiction anymore 😉 Maybe you can work on it with a friend? Just remember that the awesome thing about fan fiction is that the answer to "what should happen" is "whatever you want!" Because it's your fan fiction. No wrong answers.

    1. My next book, _Man Made Boy_, comes out October 2013, a whole year away! It feels like a long time to wait (for me anyway). Some of it is just how slow publishing moves, and some of it was me being super picky about this book.

  15. I absolutely loved Misfit! I just finished reading it and I'm still wanting more. This book would also be a great NEW idea for a movie! You're very talented and I can't wait for your new projects!

  16. Misfit was great! I had read it when it first came out and thought it was very well written but as time passed and school became my main focus I forgot about it. Now looking back and re-reading the book I realized how great it really was. Hopefully you will write a sequel and when you do, I will definitely get it!

  17. your book got me so captivated i couldnt stop reading it was so hard not to read durring my classes i really hope to see a few more of these and i hope to learn more about her mother to its such a good story

  18. Omg I love this book. Im only a couple of pages in but its already amazing. Please write another book Jon. We feel like were all misfits and this book is our home. please give us more shelter. Misfit love<3 – Robyn Foster 9th grade

  19. Mr. Skovron, Misfit is one of the absolute best books I have ever read! I really hope you make a sequel.. hopefully Astarte makes her appearance in said possible future book? Like Jael has to fight off the rest of the Grand Dukes near the middle to end of said book and Astarte mysteriously comes back, maybe because Belial was banished from Gaia, she could somehow come back?

  20. You should totally make 3 other books to misfit that each is about battling the 3 other dudes and then another involving Lucifer" that would totally be amazing!

  21. Luv the book!! I hope there's a second one!! I kind feels that there should be a second one, specially after the last note Jaels mother left. About looking for Merlin's father…. Also, I liv the characters and everything…. In a way I luv Belial… Luv his sarcasm !!

  22. I finish the book in 3 hours… But I felt so sad because I finish … Hahaha we need more…well forget Wii , is more like ¡ hahaha …. But no seriously great book couldn't stop reading, I luv the who stories about mythology and demons and angels combine .. It reminds me of a book I read long ago except with the demons and angels and stuff… Thank u so much for writing the book!!

  23. I loved the book! Its was one of the best books I have read. I read it in less then a day and I couldn't put it down but I had to unfortunately for a little while to study for exams, but I really do love the book and I would love to a second book. I can't wait to read more books done by you 🙂

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