Requisite Sentimental Book Launch Day Post

Since it’s officially the book birthday for Misfit, I hope you’ll indulge me for moment of sentimentality. It’s taken about six years for Jael’s story to go from original concept to a book on a shelf. Six years of writing, researching, revising, doubting, hoping…

During this time, I’ve been through a lot: the birth of my second son, a big promotion at my day job, a cross-country move from Seattle to Maryland, my older son’s diagnosis with Autism, the death of my grandmother, the publication of my first novel, changing agents, and divorce. That’s a lot of living in 6 years. Jael, her family, and her friends, have been in my heart through all of it, the joyful moments, the moments of absolute suffering, and all the day-to-day drudgery in between. And I could not have asked for better companions.

But now I must release this story. It’s not mine anymore. It’s yours, if you want it. I hope you will let Jael and her crew into your heart as I did. I hope you will let them challenge and comfort you as they have me.

Happy book birthday, Misfit. May this be the start of something grand.

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